About Barnaby Quirk

Greetings from my secret lair!

Hello, visitor. You found my “about” page, so I’ll let you in on a little secret: I have more than one secret lair. I know! Amazing, isn’t it?

I have many kinds of machines, doodads, and concoctions hidden away in these lairs. Sometimes, I’ll put a concoction into a doodad and run it through a machine, and bam! Out comes a new book. Once I spot a book that I think you’ll like, I load it up on a blimp and send it out into the world.

Through the magic of the Internet, I can update webpages like this one and send out email messages to my mailing list no matter which of my secret lairs I’m in. I’ve been known to let slip details that I shouldn’t, and my pesky publisher doesn’t always listen to me when I tell them, “No, it is not okay for people to know about that cave in Hawaii.”

Even when I’m hiding away, I still love to hear from my readers. Send me a message at the address below, or tweet at me if you have a question or idea for me.

B. Quirk